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IKO Synthetic Underlayment

IKO RoofGard-Cool Grey is a synthetic, non-breathable, water resistant underlayment  designed to provide superior weather-resistance. Incredibly flexible, even in cold weather, IKO RoofGuard won’t crack, peel or delaminate offering outstanding durability and tear-resistance.



Grace Ice and Water Shield

Grace Ice & Water Shield® is designed to protect homes from wind-driven rain and ice dams. It’s proprietary and time-tested rubberized asphalt formulation enables a watertight bond with the roof deck and has shown the ability to maintain a watertight seal around fasteners used to attach roof coverings. In addition, Grace Ice & Water Shield® offers superior watertight laps, which are critically important in keeping the roof dry and safe.






Grace Ice & Water Shield
IKO RoofGard

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