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NW Roofing Advantage

  • Expertly crafting your roof’s finishing touches
  • Custom aluminum fascia, soffit and eavestroughing
  • Custom flashing in copper and aluminum
  • On-site with complete “Metal Shop on Wheels”


Metalwork Experts

Fascia, soffit, eavestroughing and flashing are important components of a well-functioning house. Not only do they need to work seamlessly with a roof system, but they’re vital in the overall maintenance of your home. Many roofers will cut corners by re-using old metal materials on a new roof, compromising the integrity of the entire installation and the overall appearance.

At NW Roofing, we’re metalwork professionals. Let us put the finishing touches on your new roof by expertly crafting fascia, soffits, eavestroughing and flashing that not only look good, but operate as expected and stand the test of time.


Metal Shop on Wheels

Our unique “Metal Shop on Wheels” brings our complete metalworking tools and materials to your home. What better way to quickly and precisely craft the finishing touches to your roof than by having all the necessary equipment and materials at our fingertips.

In addition to our “Metal Shop on Wheels” we come to every job properly equipped with our fully stocked cube van. With all our tools on hand we’re always prepared to immediately address whatever we run into. The fact is, no one will come to your home as prepared and properly equipped as we do. We’re ready to work!


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